Pablo "Phaen" Kebees


I'm a years old guy from the Netherlands. This personal website serves mainly as my profile, business card and portfolio, on top of hosting various minor projects that I have been working on. Contact me through [email protected].


First and foremost, I'm an ethical vegan. That means that I believe that no ethically consistent distinction can be made between humans and animals, that allows the exploitation of any animal in any form or way. The consumption of animal products - no matter how widespread and ingrained in our society - is thus in my eyes a moral injustice, which is why I'm also a vegan activist, actively spreading veganism to reduce animal exploitation. To that end, please spare a single hour of your life to watch a video for the motivator of veganism that appeals to you; veganism is also good for your health and good for the environment.

Animal Cruelty: Dominion (Youtube)

Environment: Cowspiracy (Netflix)

Health: What The Health (Netflix)


Physics has always been a huge passion of mine, as I've always been interested in figuring out how everything works and physics aims to figure out the inner workings of the universe itself. Additionally it's the only discipline that you could describe as the real world variant of magic. With a bachelor in Physics and Astronomy and a masters in Theoretical Physics, both at the University of Amsterdam, I hope to some day be earning my bread as a physicist. I'll keep you posted.


With a big part of world being ran by computers, wanting to figure out how that works was only natural. I've started to pick up programming languages ever since I became a teenager and have been creating arbitrary projects left and right ever since, some more useless than others and as is tradition: most of them equally unfinished and abandoned. Nowadays, I code for mostly one of three reasons: This website is also completely made by me, I hope you like it. The fractal on the background is called the Pythagoras tree, here drawn to the th order. Also check out my Github!